Hawksmoor Edinburgh

Gearing up to head back across the pond tomorrow, so I wanted to share an Edinburgh and London mainstay that is a staple in my travel diet, The Hawksmoor. I was staying above this favorite of mine last week and was so happy to not bundle up in a coat and head out into the cold, but rather pop downstairs. This was at 5:30PM after a nearly 5 hour train ride. I was hungry and it was early. They claimed not to seat me which was very annoying and plopped me at the bar which I was not in the mood for. They then proceeded to be out of bread… at 5:30PM. I was ready to naw on a damn table. Not a good start. The bar men, who were slammed, totally turned the experience around for me! They were so kind and accommodating and even brought gratis Yorkshire pudding when the bread was out. They were just the right amount of attentive and I loved them. So much so, this ended up being my day two meal also.

Day two had me try the prix fixe menu, which was fine… not great, but fine…

It started with this winter herb salad, goat cheese floof, and crostini. I LOVED this on night one and on night two it also delivered, if not slightly smaller.

My dumb bum, opted for the hake rather than steak for some reason. I must admit that it was large, bland, and the cockle salad freaked me out a bit. Would not order this again.

Day two, they got their bread back! Also, I asked a question about the short rib mac and cheese. I did not order it. They brought it anyway. Woah, was it rich! Would probably skip this in the future, but grateful to try.

And finally, a sticky toffee pudding sundae situation. Again, I ate about a fourth of this, and the sweet ending was nice, but nothing to write home about.

Moral of the story, go to any Hawksmoor you can, particularly for Sunday roast. If it’s not roast day, order only what you want and skip the menu. Oh, and make a reservation, they are all always so busy.


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