Kimpton Charlotte Square – Edinburgh

Macaron Trio: Gorgeous common spaces, cozy room though not totally functional or warm. Good location. Some miscommunication around parking with staff. Would stay here again for the right price.

A recent few day stint in Edinburgh found myself at the Kimpton Charlotte Square in Edinburgh which is really a series of renovated townhouses, decorated in a modern/garden/Moroccan style whose vibe I could only wish for in my living room.

After a brief mix-up with the car park, I was delighted to find all of the festive rooms, like the garden bar and breakfast area…

…and this truly stunning velvty lobby nook.

…and this antiquey entrance way….

…and this dream funky library…

My room was on the top floor which was super quirky and lovely. The bed was a total dream come true after a series of hard, Swiss beds.

The funky little window was great for being lulled to sleep by the pounding, Scottish rain.

The desk was handy, but as it was a work trip, could have really used a chair that fit underneath.

The tuck box of free snacks nearly made up for the lack of chair.

The closet was well equipped with an umbrella for the unpredictable weather. It wore a charming card siting that “Well, we are in Scotland.”

Tea, a refrigerator, and small safe were also available.

The shower was lovely, as long as you made no sudden movements towards a ceiling concussion.

It took me a minute to find the sink. And it took the sink a minute to find soap, so I just took it back and forth from the shower.

Next round in Scotland, I would definitely consider staying at the Kimpton Charlotte Square again. I loved the decor and it was close to so many restaurants, bars, and shops; a nice change of pace from larger chains that my company often leans towards.

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  1. Thanks! Hope you get to try this spot sometime soon.



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