Nomades – Geneva

Another night in Geneva and another attempt at finding a good meal that wasn’t stuffy. The best by far was Nomades, a causal Lebanese Moroccan joint in a very fun neighborhood of food trucks and weird bars.

First up, the waiters let me practice my sub par French with them which is something I always appreciate. We started with prosecco, labneh, hummus, and something called ‘onion loaf’ which was a flaky pastry full of cooked onions. Pretty damn good.

For my main I selected a lamb dish with stewed veggies and chickpeas served over couscous. It needed quite a bit of salt, but was satisfying and tasty. Oddly, my colleague ordered a very similar dish, but his couscous was served on the side.

There was no real difference between the dishes aside from that mine was served with a brothy sidecar soup for some reason. I assumed this was to spoon over the whole thing which is what I did in an attempt for salt and flavor.

All in all, this wasn’t the best meal I’d ever had, but it was quite pleasant and the food and ambiance were fun. I’d definitely return to Nomades and the neighborhood in general for some more exploration.


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