El Catrin- Geneva

I’m not sure what it is about Geneva restos, but so far nothing has blown the minds of myself or my colleagues. El Catrin was no exception which was a disappointment since it came highly recommended by a local colleague.

We arrived on a Wednesday night where the restaurant was quite fun in ambiance and busy with patron. We were excited, but held our breaths on $17 margaritas and opted to start with beers and nachos instead. Now, these were my dream nachos, all pico, cucumbers, and cheese, not a bean or corn in sight. In theory I could have been all over them, but they were so soggy, I just let the hungry dudes I was travelling with have their way with them. Definitely not worth the calories.

We all had different variations of tacos and the restaurant recommends four per person which in hindsight felt aggressive. Three would have done it. The menu was a tad confusing with chorizo listed as vegetarian. I will say the meat ones were just fine. Missing heat, but unoffensive. The baja style fish one was completely soggy. Make sure to skip it.

Another one bites the dust for Geneva. Does anyone have any fun recommendations for me in this expensive town on the lake? Please, please share!


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