Balthasar- Gland, Switzerland

Meal after mediocre meal in Switzerland lead my crew and self to Balthasar, a steakhouse in the neighboring town of Gland, Switzerland. I was instantly delighted by only speaking French to the restaurant’s reservations department. Upon entry, we were greeted with drippy candle, a friendly host, and rows and rows of cups full of gummy bears. Yep!

The bread was already at our table looking like someone’s leftovers, comme ca…. It was delicious and what absolutely nailed it were the two orders of tuna tartare that didn’t even make a photo as we all attacked them.

For the main, the entrecote of course. While the fries, chimmichurri, and wine failed to disappoint, I would say that we all agreed the steak was….okay. Americans must require salt or something as these bland cuts weren’t cutting it. Would I return to try another cut? Absolutely.

Best of all, the check came with an assortment of weird gummies. Very into it. The spoon was almost helpful.

If you need to burn off all of those steak frites, walk a half mile, pass the phallic bushes, and you’ll find yourself at ‘Bowlingland.’ That’s right, your gland used for bowling.

Sing, Sang, Sung.

French bowling graphics are fantastic.

This guy was so excited about his big win.

Gland was a nice little field trip and while I would certainly return, I look forward to next game in another body part themed Swiss town.


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