Ulivo, Nyon

Another stay at the gorgeous Ambassador Hotel, Nyon, found me dining in their intimate restaurant on a Monday night when the rest of the city shuts down.

The best dish that I have had in Switzerland, maybe ever, was this octopus Mosaic. Thin crudo with chick peas and olive oil was absolutely the perfect start or light main for a sleepy travel day. I can’t rave about this enough and the colleagues dining with me all said the same.

For a main, I opted for the much heavier homemade tagliatelle and prawns. Also, very nice and in a creamy seafood sauce. I should have stuck with the octopus and freshly baked bread. Though, the comfort food on a rainy, jet lagged night certainly did find its place.

Ulivo doesn’t disappoint. Ever. The service, the wine, the food. Make this a permanent in your Nyon rotation.


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