Hotel Havana

After the depression subsided a bit after checking into the Hilton Palacio del Rio, I set out on foot, dodging crickets along the way, to find Hotel Havana, a member of my beloved Bunkhouse Hotels. This group never fails to deliver and Hotel Havana was no exception and why I made stops here on three separate occasions.

First up was a late afternoon stop at Ocho, the riverside restaurant. The entrance already told me I was going to love it, so I did.

The back entrance was just as lovely

Inside, the all glass walls opened up to the fresh air. The details were sparse, but colorful, truly a great space.

The size of this fiddle leaf fig was just as impressive as the service and drinks.

I started with a Havana Margarita which was a tad spicy, and all around refreshing. Unbeknownst to me, I’d hit happy hour and this was like $5.

I decided to stay for another and went with a spicy paloma, also on happy hour. This took me much longer to drink so I decided I’d better test out a snack too. The homemade chips and guacamole didn’t disappoint and the salsa was good but very spicy.

The next day I returned for lunch and opted to have their avocado salad which was simplistic perfection. A bed of greens tossed in an avocado dressing, topped with pickled veggies and pepitas. Oh and a side of avocado for good measure. I could have used a cracker or something, but I loved this salad.

Finally, I test drove the Havana Bar which is a basement dream. Lined with hundreds of candles in red votives the vibe was spectacular. The barman chatted with me throughout my drink and made the whole experience even better.

Even the ladies at Hotel Havana was great – like a strange collection of extras from some hip grandma’s basement. Perfect.

Definitely stop by Hotel Havana for a drink or snack. I wandered through the lobby that doubled as a small gift shop, as all Bunkhouse properties seem to do. If I ever was forced to return to San Antonio, this would certainly be my residence of choice.

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  1. Have you been to the bunkhouse property in Marfa??



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