MiM Sky Bar Sitges

When I booked my trip to Sitges, I was torn between the gorgeous ME Terramar and the MiM Sitges, a bit more centrally located. For this particular trip, I made the right call for me, but still had a great experience snooping around the MiM Hotel (whose lobby is stunning, by the way). I snuck up to the Sky Bar for a poolside lunch on Saturday.

In my personal quest to try all of the tomato bread in the land, I did just that. MiM’s was a very nice option, very tomato-y and with plenty of flaky salt, just the way I like it. I also ordered the house salad, which was simple, green, and just what I needed.

With a vegetable in sight, I had to reward myself with something fun too, so I chose the ham croquettes. Now, after living in Miami I am used to croquettes being tater tot sized bites of goodness. So, you can imagine my surprise, and slight embarrassment when these burrito-like monstrosities came my way at a table for one. I didn’t eat all of them, but I can attest they were most delicious.

After many a crowded restaurant actually on the beach, the Sky Bar was a nice respite from the hubbub. The restaurant was busy, but not crowded and was a nice mix of people cycling in and out of pool loungers. The music was most Shazaam-able, and the views unrivaled of the countryside surrounding. When in Sitges, definitely stop here for a low-key, leisurely lunch.

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  1. Thanks! It was a delicious one!



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