Beso at ME Sitges Terramar

ME Sitges Terramar had a lovely restaurant, Besos, situated with beachfront views. There was also a small oyster bar in the lobby and rooftop bar that was quite the hot spot one evening and then completely closed for the season with no warning the next. As I saved it for my last night I was rather disappointed, but was grateful for the front desk chap who escorted me up for a quick peek.

All I can share with you of ME Sitges Terramar is a sampling of a couple dinners at Besos. The tomato bread was phenomenal and probably the best of my week in Spain. The chardonnay and sauvingon blancs were both refreshing, easy to drink, and a bargain at three euros.

On two ocassions, I tried the burrata that was “pregnant with pesto.” Fun little pesto filled bubbles charmed my mouth. The burrata was not my favorite I’d ever had as it was not creamy on the inside and a bit lacking in flavor. As the week progressed, I came to think that this was the difference in Spanish vs US or Italian burrata.

On another occasion, I had the octopus with sauteed artichokes. The dish was quite nice and probably my favorite octopus of the trip.

Finally, on my last night I tried creme Catalan which was like a very creamy creme brulee. It was just alright and was served with cinnamon ice cream which seemed like an odd choice, but is a favorite of mine so I had to try it. Turns out it was vanilla ice cream topped with cinnamon. Nothing to write home about, but killed a sweet tooth.

I would definitely recommend Beso when in Sitges. The food is overall good and a decent value away from the myriad unknown restaurants of Sitges. Stay for the tomato bread, wine, and ocean front views if nothing else!


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