ME Sitges Terramar

Macaron Trio: Such a fun place for a long weekend. Huge room. Great breakfast. Location is a little out of the way from central Sitges.

Between two work trips, I spent a lovely long weekend at the ME Sitges Terramar hotel on the beach southwest of Barcelona. The common areas were really beautiful, a testament to the town and landscape around them. The room was large, but simple, with a nice view of the ocean. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Living area and budoir with hardwood floor perfect for collecting sand from the beach below.

A small mini bar was dangerously close to the lounge seating on the balcony…

The bedroom could take in a view of the shower with the simple pull of a curtain. Seemed a little creepy, but since I wasn’t sharing, it didn’t matter. Cracks me up what people deem romantic bathrooms. I’m sorry, I just don’t want to see my partner lather up his bum.

The bathroom was well equipped with a billion great toiletries, hairdryer, but no iron, even after asking. The shower did over flow into the room once, which was super annoying for me and house keeping. It never functioned properly; but I did learn to shower quickly. Boo for that.

This view though! Spend tons of time reading, sipping bubbly, and snacking on crisps out here.

The lobby had some interesting art and was otherwise quite beachy in decor.

The pool was my second favorite spot thanks to great view of the sunset. The water was too cold to swim, but the temperature was perfect for lounging and sipping something refreshing.

My very favorite spot was the small beach club that sat just behind a couple rows of modest lounge chairs. The first night I visited, there was an incredible lounge act – soulful singer, bongos, keyboard. Absolutely incredible way to take in the sunset!

I would absolutely stay at the ME Sitges Terramar again. It was a perfect walk away from the craziness of clubby Sitges just a few minutes walk down the beach. Everything you could want is right in this gorgeous resort!


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