Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Pair of Macarons: Spacious rooms. Lovely beach. Bar, restaurant, and entertainment options were fine but definitely left a bit to be desired.

A few weeks ago I received a text from a girlfriend asking if I could do two weeks in Australia with her on a whim. Andddd this is why we are friends! I told her my big vacation budget for the year had been spent. So, we settled on a long weekend in Cancun with a couple other friends. We booked just a few days before we left, so randomly landed on the Hyatt Ziva Cancun. The choice turned out to be mostly a good one. Thoughtful rooms, nice food, surprisingly gorgeous beach. The only issue, which wasn’t realllllly an issue was that the hotel was lacking a lot of after dinner nightlife-y options. We weren’t about to hit the clubs of Cancun, so we really just enjoyed day drinks and dinners which was all I wanted anyway.

So let’s tour…

The room was a tad dated, but totally clean and functional. They even decorated for my friend’s recent birthday!

The room also featured a massive hotel tub that we were determined to fill one night so that we could wo-mantically drink a bottle of bubbly. It took about an hour to fill and we turned the jets on too early and soaked the entire room. Every towel was used (oh and the curtain) in the absorption rate. But oh so fun.

The bath was great for two lady friends as it had two sinks and mirrors. Perfect for getting ready to…not go out!

The view from the room was just stunning!

We’d all heard from friends that Cancun beach was real whatever, but it was actually stunning. Gorgeous water including one calm day when we were able to drink and frolic on the chill surf.

Overall, I’d come back here. Maybe with a bigger group and the intent of leaving the property after dinner. It was a very easy place to get to and pretty inexpensive, so for a last minute getaway, really couldn’t be beat!


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