Auberge du Chateau

In Nyon Switzerland there is a tiny little square lined with just one restaurant and one little wine bar. The whole thing looks out over the lake. It is just picturesque and the cutest. I took advantage of a cool, but pretty evening to dine outside at Auberge du Chateau.

They like to start their diners with a LOT of French, no morphing into English here for this spot and that’s just fine. They also like a really wonderful chewy focaccia that they serve with olive oil. It was all I could do not to eat all four pieces. Oh, and the blankets. They make sure you are nice and cozy as the cool night sets in.

Bread with a side of bread. My kind of spot. Note: focaccia far outperforms the rolls in a taste test. It wasn’t on the menu, but I asked for just a green salad. The size was perfect.

My main was their veal ravioli served with hazelnuts and pecorino. It was very nice, but I must say, very heavy despite the night air. I’d definitely like to eat it again if I could share it with a friend.

The best part was that even when I declined dessert, they presented me with a mini ice cream sandwich. How charming is that? This will definitely be a rotation staple for me during future trips to Nyon.


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