Chalet d’Adrien

While La Grange was less than impressive for my first Verbier meal, the next day brought me to Le Chalet d’Adrien. The chalet is perched up just a quick 10 minute walk up the mountain from the main street in town. The exercise was nice and the view was gorgeous on a Sunday morning heading to this Michelin starred brunch. In case you were wondering, because you cannot find this information anywhere on the internet, the brunch is 90 CHF per person. Yes, this is super pricey, but for an over-the-top brunch buffet on the top of a mountain, I’d gladly do it again. While I wasn’t going to be ‘that’ person who photographed buffet food (ok, maybe a few desserts…), I did take in the surroundings with my camera and they are more than the price of admission for certain. See for yourself…


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