Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Ok, Ok, I know we’ve talked about Grand Hotel Tremezzo quite a bit, and this is my last post about it, I swear. Well, that is until I find enough change in the couch to spend a night or two there and then you’ll have to hear about the rooms and 1,000 other thoughtful, orange details. For now, I can show you my favorite parts of the grounds that I had the privilege of experiences for three solid nights in a row.

This landing area near the steps was a real favorite. Don’t you just want to have a coffee and meet a friend here?

The interior of the hotel near the bar was another massive favorite. The classic style reimagined in bright colors was absolute perfection and so inventive in an otherwise old-world looking space.

The view from the bar terrace was as gorgeous as my bergamot cocktail.

The gift shop where I had to say no to 110 EU glasses, but did find a souvenir in the GHT Supergas when my flip flop met its final days.

My excitement at finding this always stocked candy table near the lobby was captured via the blurriness of this photo.

The lobby entrance was always full of gorgeous, modern flower displays.

The colorful exterior was something out of a Wes Anderson dream.

The path to the pool that I may have snuck down one evening was nothing to sneeze at either.

Imagine laying out on this green oasis.

This fountain perfectly reflects my sentiment at this Grand Hotel Tremezzo property.

If it wasn’t obvious by the abundant blog posts and IG stories, I absolutely adored my vacation on Lake Como. Next time I will make sure that a few nights at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo fit into my plans.


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