Ausonia Hungaria

Macaron Quartet: Wonderful location away from the craziness of Venice, modern room, excellent service, great bar and breakfast. A pool oasis and rooftop bar for sunset.

After experiencing the crushing cloud of tourism overcrowding and humidity, I was so happy with my decision to stay on the beautiful island of Lido. Once the island was selected, I struggled to decide between budget hotels, the old grand dame of the beach, and the historic, but newly renovated Ausonia Hungaria. One glimpse of it’s very cool facade should be all you need to know that the decision was a good one.

The lobby was a mix of new and old, but with no real place to lounge and hang out. The living room space really was the outside bar. The front desk staff on the other hand, were absolutely lovely, regaling me with celebrity stories and so incredibly helpful with the boat schedules and few minor complaints of accommodation.

The breakfast room was STUNNING. I was completely obsessed with the ceiling mural and parquet floors. The breakfast itself was included with the room and rather outstanding too. A mix of the the normal continental items, but also interspersed with homemade pastries, smoked fish, and eggs to order. Oh, and prosecco.

The bar on the front of the hotel was a prime location for a pre-dinner drink, but was a bit overpriced for the area.

The room was spacious and very well appointed. I never exactly figured out what the theme was supposed to be. It reminded me more of some sort of French Bastille Day poster than anything Italian.

The reflection of the mysterious blue lady was inescapable as she showed up in coolest TV that I’ve ever seen as well.

Visiting Europe during a primo heatwave, made this overly complicated door panel of electronic delights incredibly refreshing. They should really give you a tutorial when you check in. The line graph looked cool, but no idea what it mean. The phone was about the same level of complexity. I considered getting another masters’, but just put on clothes and grumpily walked down to the front desk when I needed something instead.

Said space age phone

The small cupboard next to the closet (see: hanging bar) featured a safe and college-style refrigerator that came with some unthoughtful drinks (no snakcs), but was large enough to fit a bottle of wine. I would have really thought a renovated hotel touting itself as five stars would have gone far more creative here.

The bathroom was pretty standard, but in a nice way. Towels were refreshed even when they weren’t asked to be. And, I never quite figured out the lights/fan situation, but whatever.

I continue not to understand the hotel design trend of clear bathroom doors. Is there nothing like seeing and hearing your partner deal with a bout of dodgy tummy to set the mood? It’s a good time for solo travel.

The view from the room was just of the adjacent street which was quiet. The beach cannot be seen from this place, but the walk was easy. I will say that the party the hotel hosted one night echoed into my room and was the reason for my visit to the front desk in the middle of the night. So, if you’re looking for quiet, make sure to ask for a room in the back.

On the backside of the hotel was the pool- very quiet when I was visiting the property. It was just was the doctor needed after days walking around, fighting through throngs of tourists. There were jets and massaging waterfalls through which was amazing.

The furniture was fun, but hard to get out of and the ice bucket tables were a wine lover’s dream come true.

The fifth floor rooftop will become an official bar later this summer, but for now is just a small space with a few tables, perfect for watching the sunset. No doubt that this hidden gem will be discovered en mass soon. Orange skies surrounding the island of Venice truly cannot be beat. For this alone, I would come back to the Ausonia Hungaria. For the service and comfy room, I will tell you all about it in too much detail.

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