Next to Burano, on the island of Mazzoboro is the most charming place on the planet, aka, Venissa. Part Michelin-starred resto, part osteria, part small hotel, and part vineyard, this place is absolute heaven. I started my visit with a walk through the gardens that are especially known for their artichokes. Nine retirees from neighboring Burano tend to them – doesn’t get more charming than that.

Then, there are the vineyard that produce just 3,000 bottles a year of what my waiter described as a “very weird wine.” Apparently, it’s salty, orange, and of a very difficult grape. Foodies from all over come to try it. If I could have had a sip or two I would have, but for $35 a glass of weirdness, I passed and took this snap instead.

The front of the restaurant on the water looks like this.

And the entryway was just a dream.

Can you deal with this? I cannot.

This is the patio of the restaurant where I was able to dine on the Fourth of July.

The table was simply set, but very charming.

The homemade bread, crispy and chewy. Paired with a pouring bowl of olive oil.

I opted for the tasting menu, naturally. It started with this gorgeous grouper ceviche paired with fresh peaches and a lavender jelly. Most produce is sourced straight from their garden.

It was followed by the squid ink pasta, topped with more squid, cheese, and a green sauce of the property’s veg.

The black fish, also local to Venice, was just gorgeously presented. More peaches and green sauce. Topped with leeks.

For dessert, a tiramisu where the coffee component came via an absolutely divine ice cream.

I cannot recommend enough that if you go to Venice, that you must visit Burano and consequently Venissa. Tasting menu aside, you can also join them for just a simple cheese plate and glass of weird wine or the full-on Michelin job. I’d actually be tempted to stay here in the fall, when it’s cool and you want to do nothing but read and snuggle in among the gorgeous gardens and vineyards.

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