Kew Grill

The last night in Richmond, I kept it simple and instead of trekking to a world renowned spot, I just headed next door to the Kew Grill. The Kew Grill has some very cheeky signs and menu notes, but I’ll leave that for you to find! (Or perhaps if you’ve seen my IG story, you already have seen examples of this!).

I started with a simple salad that was topped with Halloumi. Not bad.

For a main, I went with their signature dish, the Wagyu burger which comes with an Asian slaw and some special sauce. They only cook the burger at one temperature which felt rather under done and left me feeling kind of sick later. The slaw needed dressed more and the fries were fine. Don’t even mess with the dried out bun. I definitely got my burger fill in Richmond!

If you’re in a pinch in Richmond, sure try the Kew Grill. It’s just fine, but probably won’t change your life. Just make sure to have a reservation for the experience as it’s also small and crowded.


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