Coach & Horses Kew

Pair of Macarons: Good location for Kew Gardens, but definitely not the freshest hotel. Not bad, but their marketing is better than the rooms themselves.

When I found out that Chihuly was exhibiting in The Royal Botanic Kew Gardens for the first time in some 30 years, I instantly knew what I’d be doing for Memorial Day. The problem was Memorial Day is also a bank holiday in the UK, so every hotel was a fortune. That’s how I found myself staying in Richmond, right across the street from Kew Gardens at the Coach and Horses.

The website advertised it as very picturesque and for the mot part it was. A little tired, a little dirty, and a little across from a busy road…but…the bed was comfy and I wasn’t spending to rebook in the city so here I was.

Very cozy, seemingly very clean bed. (Not pictured the worse-for-wear spots in the room because I hate seeing those photos of moldy thermostats on Trip Adviser).

There was a little desk with a few old paperbacks.

A hamper of some free treats and some for pay.

The bathroom was just the right size and had plenty of counter space. The shower was definitely not the cleanest thing I’ve ever seen (literally, “Clean Me” was written in dirt on the ceiling), but the water pressure was good, so somehow I survived.

The bathroom featured large bottles of charming toiletries.

When you book a room on the Coach & Horses site, you can include a number of extras like Kew Garden tickets (check) and a bottle of champagne that is actually prosecco (check). My friend’s ex-bf always sent us wine and treats when we did girls’ weekends, so I thought I’d surprise myself with this. Pretty delightful!

The view was of a major road, but the windows were fairly sound proof which made for a cozy rest.

By the time I arrived it was lunch and I was famished from travel so I decided to try the Young’s pub on site. Not usually one for a burger, I felt the need to kick off the Memorial Day weekend right and went all American along with a Camden Town Brewery lager from north London.

The burger was a dream. Don’t worry, I removed the bun for maximum meat consumption.

If I was ever in need of a Kew Gardens/Richmond location again, I would stay at Coach and Horses. It’s not perfect, but it was overall a good experience. The neighborhood is very walkable to the gardens, a handful of pubs, coffee shop, and bookstore. What more could you ask for when you really just need a quiet, reading weekend?


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