The Westin Great Southern

The Dreaded Solo Macaron: Didn’t age particularly well, dirty, and no help on anearly check-in.

Last week I visited the old hometown of Columbus, Ohio. So much has changed – new hotels, restaurants, shops, commons areas. All the things. This meant that the only thing that translated to a work budget was the old nice spot of the Westin Great Southern in downtown Columbus. My colleague and I had hoped for somewhere a bit more central, but the expense budget just wasn’t there. Now I see why. The Westin is tiiiiredddd.

So was I. Having been up since 4:30AM, I killed about 9 hours before I could get into a room despite asking for early check-in. This was sort of frustrating after attempting to work in the lobby, but the music was just so loud and bad that really it was a lost cause.

Having gotten married here that one time a million years ago, I must say I didn’t recall the rooms at all. Were they dark and poorly laid out then with a festive blue stripe near the ceiling? Who knows.

Basic, but fine.

The bathroom had no business being a pedestal sink and I spent most of my (brief) time in here trying to figure out the hot water and avoiding black hairs on the towels and in the shower.

Basically, the Westin lobby is still pretty as it’s historical and marbly. The rest of the place is very dingy. I felt a little bad having suggested it to a colleague and certainly would not do so in the future. We still ubered all over the place, took ages to get into a room, and I had to have erroneous charges removed from my bill at the end. Even the bar felt dark and dirty. Hard pass from me for the Less-than-Great-Southern.


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