1 Hotel South Beach

Pair of Macarons: Over-the-top room but literally zero view- not something I’m trying to have paying out the arse on the beach. Disappointment there. Pool scene was an odd mix. Restaurant was OK. Not worth the most expensive weekend ever had in Miami.

So, I finalllllly had my weekend away at the gorgeous 1 Hotel South Beach. I must say, I visited several times back when it was the Gansevoort, and it is much lovelier now. Rather than take photos of random people in swimwear enjoying the pools, etc., I thought perhaps you could just find some much better professional snaps on their website instead. 

I caught the hotel on a mega deal back around Christmas and was absolutely elated as it’s consistently a top resort in the country and the number two hotel in Miami (right there after Faena, they say). Anyway, booked a basic room that overlooked the city. I emailed them right away to see if I might snag an ocean view instead. No go. Contact my travel agent. Naw, boo. I’ll see what’s up at check-in instead.

Well, upon check-in, I asked for some ocean spray again. No view for me, but somehow I did score a massive upgrade of a penthouse apartment. I walked in, immediately noted there was no bed and was rather confused. Though happily so.

The kitchen/bar area was well stocked and featured a tap of distilled water. 

The minibar stocked my favorite marshamllow, Malvi. Sounds weird, but they are INCREDIBLE.

Is it bonkers that there were two bathrooms? Don’t care. Came in quite handy for friends!
The view….. upon first glance appears you are right on the ocean. You are on….the roof. Such a disappointment for spending this kind of money and trying to make this a special weekend. Concierge said they would call to switch my room. They never did.
I don’t even know what to say. Ridiculous.
The bedroom was pretty, sparsely furnished.
Small closets offered storage.
The master bath was very nice with a large sink, shower, and tub.
Cute rock hangers.
Better hanger hangers.
There are defo maps in there – I checked.
Finally, no literature on the place, room service, or how to use the iphone-like map gadget, but there is a friendly reminder to call your mother. Awwww.

All in all the 1 Hotel South Beach was beautiful as I knew it would be. I appreciated the upgrade and enjoyed the pools. Although I don’t think I’ll return as the price just didn’t warrant it. The room was large though I was super disappointed not to have a view….of ANYTHING. The pools were stunning, but rather crowded and most were VERY kid friendly. It didn’t strike me on a romantic chord that I’d like to return with a partner. Miami is made for boutique deco hotels and I will steer my course back to them as soon as The Raleigh is no longer just a hole in the ground.


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