Habitat & Snacks at 1 Hotel South Beach

A long weekend at the 1 Hotel South Beach was pretty much what the doctor ordered to close out a crazy work week, fiscal year, start to 2019, all the things! I spent a solo day at the hotel, relaxing and test driving all three snack establishments.

First, was the rooftop bar/restaurant which vibe was…adults only douchiness for lack of a better word. It reminded me that sometimes nothing changes and it remained basically as it was when it was the Gansevoort just a few years ago. I came, I went. Pretty surrounding and view it it weren’t for the people though.

I stuck around for a glass of wine and tuna tartare which for some reason was covered in truffles. Wayyyy too rich.

For dinner, I spent a leisurely evening friending strangers in the hotel bar and eating at Jose Mendin’s newest Miami establishment, Habitat. A lover of all things Pubbelly, I coudn’t wait!

My very kind and friendly waiter asked if he could bring bread to table. Yes, please, duh. A lady alone, how else did you see this going? The bread did not disappoint as it came as a colorful caterpillar of bread varieties. Little did I know that “bring bread to the table” meant charge you for it, found that part out later. What was this, the UK? Oh well, it was delish after a few weeks of low carb.

This charmingly fuzzy photo was a beet and buratta salad. There were a LOT of beets, not enough buratta to warrant ordering this again. NEXT!

I tried a bao bun which is really the ultimate drinking snack. Wish I’d have two of these and skipped the cheese salad.

Then, because I was all by myself enjoying my night of indulgence, I went ahead with dessert that kind waiter insisted was life changing. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but a bite of cake and ice cream is never a bad end to an evening.

Here’s how Habitat looked the next morning. I never had breakfast outside here, but wished I would have – how cute is this?

All in all, I would maybe try breakfast at Habitat if I was in the neighborhood. Otherwise, I’d say the restaurant is a good hotel restaurant, but I still much prefer the more casual neighborhood establishments of Mr. Mendin, Pubbelly Sushi and Pubbelly Noodle Bar.


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