Hotel Saint George – Marfa

Macaron Trio: Respite from Marfa sleepiness (which I also loved). Thoughtful, spacious room. Cool bookstore and good restaurant. Apparently there is now a pool scene also.

Not knowing how’d I’d feel about sleeping in a trailer (which was THE best), I booked my second night at the new hotel in town, Hotel Saint George. I stopped by early in the day hoping for a shower and a snack since both are limited in Marfa. No go. Good thing I didn’t, as I spent most of the day ambling around the desert town, sweating it out for the ages.

When I did finally check-in, the room was a desert oasis. It was absolutely massive, with a large bed, and a TREAT. Praise be for a snack in this town after stopping by three closed restaurants.

I loved this little reading nook with a pen on ink print by a local artist. I ran into these in a gallery and considered a purchase. Instead, I just enjoyed it for a night in my room.

A long desk and a chocolaty TREAT!

The bath was small, but well thought out. Maybe not the best for romance, but YOLO solo travel.

Half toilet door. The best for privacy.

The room came equipped with earplugs for the train and even more fun artwork, that I must assume is local too.

The view from my room showed the vast, desert-y expanse. The nearer view was the charming police station roof.

The best bet of this whole boutique hotel was the Marfa Book Company which took up a third of the rambling lobby space. Apparently, the whole hotel was built around this institution of art, books, and local trinkets. Wonderful spot.

All in all, the short stay was a good one. It was nice to have a restaurant on site and a fun shop to peruse. However, when in Marfa, I would definitely commit more nights to El Cosmico. Or perhaps, try a hand at the Thunderbird Motel down the road.

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