Cochineal Marfa

Valentine’s Day is over (boo). So, let’s get back to Marfa (yay!). Can we go back to Marfa? Maybe with someone handsome to share a teepee with and dine under the stars at Cochineal? Nothing too specific…

Cochineal came recommended, not as highly as Stellina, but still decently much so by a number of Marfians that I chatted-up. I really don’t understand why this isn’t the top pick of the town, it was charming AF! The entrance alone is western chic.

I swear to you that there were plenty of fellow diners, I just caught the courtyard in between rounds of guests. How cute is this? Dogs, babies, friends, and families all dined under these sweet fairy lights. The firepit wasn’t on, but I imagine that’s cute AF when it is.

When I visited Cohineal, it was “Japanese January.” (It was Feb 1, which was slightly concerning, but the food was great). I had a hard time choosing between all of the Japanese inspired small plates and landed on scallop ceviche per a waitress’s recco.

For my main, I had pho which I knew I was after coming into this based on a conversation I overheard in a coffee shop. Yep, that’s pho underneath all the beautiful stuff. The beef was Texas kobe style and was just delicious.

The food, ambiance, and staff were so lovely I decided to stick around for dessert – their version of a sticky toffee pudding. The sauce was out of this world, but the cake was just OK. Kind of dry for a date cake. I’m thinking the clearly baked in a muffin tin didn’t help much. Wouldn’t get this again, but was happy not to HAVE to eat the whole thing.

I stuck around a little while longer to finish a last glass of wine and read. The staff was seriously so kind and attentive without being intrusive. I was asked several times if I’d liked a heater or this bomb ass Swiss wool blanket. I ended up chatting with a kind waiter for some time about Marfa and the restaurant scene. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a better last night in the tiny town.

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