Marfa Tour

Fresh out of the Dutch tub (and certainly not the freezing shower), it was time for a tour of the town. Lots can be done via foot, but it is a bit sprawling, so I was glad I rented a trusty Nissan Sentra.

Lucky for me, I passed the famous Prada Marfa store on the drive in from El Paso. Seemed like such a cool concept, but really was strange up close. I just kept wondering who vacuumed the tiny shop selling ’90’s shoes. There were a few tees emblazoned with this famous Lily Vanderwoodsen store sign, but really not much mention of it.

Back in downtown Marfa, there was a very charming bank adjacent to Stellina.

A lovely little boutique of jewels, candles, cards and the like. Their other outpost is in the Ace Hotel in New Orleans, which of course, I also love.

I took a stroll through the lobby and (many) gift shops of The Hotel Paisano. The old-timey movie, ‘Giant,’ was filmed here and they really drive that point home with all of their knicknacks for sale. Supposedly, there is a decent restaurant in here too, but it was closed during my stroll.

This sign was one of my favorite Marfian (word? sounds like Martian in my brain) that I did not know about. Made for IG.

The courthouse was as lovely as they say and capped the main street in a dead end.

In the afternoon, I drove over to the Chinati Foundation which I had been reading as Chianti Foundation for sometime. A kind townsman corrected me politely. Large scale Donald Judd exhibitions settled amongst a stark Texas landscape and old army cavalry training facility.

This is one of six army bunkers that hold neon light installations by Dan Flavin. There were another four that people lived in, making for a very odd juxtaposition.

Inside, the bunkers were largely empty (and freezing) aside from some neon tucked into the hallways.

On my drive back into town, I stopped at a few galleries and went to fuel up here, before realizing…ART. Got me again.

Spanish-influenced Catholic churches always make me happy. I found this one on a walk while attempting to find three, THREE, closed restaurants for lunch.

This quirky advert on the side of the Thunderbird Motel lobby has me ready to return to Marfa.

Back at the hotel, I found my new favorite beverage – Ranch water.

And that my friends, is Marfa. Had I one more day, I think I’d just kick it at El Cosmico or drive to the somewhat nearby Gage Hotel. A solid day of exploring was just about perfect.


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