Stellina Marfa

My first night in Marfa, it was rather apparent there were not many a restaurant – especially open ones. Lucky for me, Stellina was one such with unlocked doors. Eager to return to my Dutch tub at El Cosmico, I test drove the joint for an early dinner. The glowing blue restaurant was already a buzz.

In the daytime, it’s adorableness really shines. Please start a lunch menu?

The narrow space works well around a narrow, rectangular bar. Crayon scribbles adorn the walls. The children in Marfa must be tall. Or, art.

Since I was about to be in a swimsuit, I started with bread and a glass of house white. The bread and butter came with chili and grasshopper salts. No one could really tell me what the wine was and while the bottle was being presented to me, I got wrapped up in a discussion with my waiter about his gorgeous Ursa Major ring instead. Ironically, I’d just discovered this brand in Portland, Maine a few months prior.

Next up was buratta served on roasted butternut squash. Totally dreamy.

And finally, a “small plate” of lamb over a corn torta that was rather massive. I would not have chosen this on my own, but again, my waiter carried his good taste in jewelry into food as well.

This meal was delicious and took me from zero to sixty, real quick. Service was kind and speedy as well. The whole bit was $30 somehow. Marfa worked for my wallet, after all. I’d happily return here if I had more time as it was the restaurant on everyone’s lips in the whole town.

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