El Cosmico- Part 2: The Grounds

Approaching El Cosmico, you’ll recognize the place either by the flashing neon arrow alerting you to its parking lot at night, or this more mystical eyeball gate during the day.

A charming porter will escort your luggage to your accommodation. Rolling bags don’t work well here on the gravel paths.

The lobby is cleverly marked with another mystical sign and the door is found just through the wall of foliage which protects a narrow alley of vintage tables.

On one side of the lobby building, you’ll find a picnic area, small stage, and pits for fire.

On the other side, is a garage where you can find bicycles to rent, or just chill by some cacti in the hot, west Texas sun.

The lobby itself is a small labyrinth of gift shop and convenience shop (canned wine and crisps, anyone) that lead you to the front desk. There’s a living room off to the other side where they host things like “Cosmic Bingo” on Friday nights. A retro dream.

In contrast to the kitschy seating area is the most perfectly cool AF fireplace area. The simplicity is perfection and I am obsessed.

And in the back of the lobby, were the glorious, guacamole bowls of Dutch stargazing tubs. Obsessed with these does not begin to describe it! I made sure there was availability for me to rent one before I booked my accommodation. With a reservation, you have use of the tub from 6PM-11PM. They are warmed with firewood and started up for you, but it’s up to you to keep yourself warm by replenishing the kindle. These were incredible for stargazing! I was only bummed I didn’t get to share the experience with anyone- red wine and a few happy tears, my only companions.

The rest of the property is divided, farm plot style into distinct areas of tents, teepees, yurts, and colorful 1950’s Airstream trailers.

In the back of the property is a communal kitchen, lounge area, and small stage for festivals.

This neon sign was cool as hell. I was thrilled to see a photo of Beyonce in front of it and had to laugh later when realizing it was a communal bathroom. Queen B and the royal throne!

If you’re into feel small in the world, like stars, canned wine, and not a lot of food options, please visit El Cosmico. Please bring me with you because I can’t wait to return and sleep in a teepee.


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