El Cosmico- Part 1: Imperial Mansion

Macaron Quartet: Unreal. Best thing I did in 2019.

The first night in Marfa was a dream come true – a glorious night at El Cosmico, part of the Bunkhouse Group. I’d been wanting to stay here literally as long as I’d heard about it. The real dream was to sleep in a teepee – cool air, wood burning fire, what could possible be more romantic?? (Note: go to Marfa with someone). Instead I opted to ride into town solo and booked a trailer. Not totally into a communal bathroom, I spent the extra $10 a night for my own indoor shower.

This brought me to the….”Imperial Mansion.” That she was.

The inside was so retro-chic, so different than funk little modern boutique hotels that I usually flock to, that I was just smitten.

The king bed was a room all its own which made it very fun to run and dive into. There was so much light, I wish I’d brought my eye blinders, but the natural wake-up call was delightful.

Little did I realize that the Imperial Mansion had TWO bedrooms. The back bedroom was just a twin, but perfect for laying out luggage and drying swimwear. It was positively freezing, so beware if there in January.

What’s worse, the outfit of the pink bath? (Don’t answer that).

Take a moment to check out these funky ass toiletries. I didn’t use or steal them since it was too cold to shower and there were many more ports of call on my Texan tour.

The minibar was just as odd with local treats, healthy treats, and ….rolling papers.

The mini bar drinks were in a fun, old-timey drawer.

And featured this absolutely delicious pinot noir. 500mL! That’s less than a bottle and bigger than a half. Guess what was going swimming in the Dutch tub under the stars…

In the morning, there would be pour over coffee. I can’t even make a pot of grounds, so didn’t try my hand at this. (Free coffee in the lobby(with almond milk) til 11, so unnecessary).

The table on the front porch offered some lovely late afternoon respite. Check out this bomb key chain.

Next door to me were the teepees. I spent a fair amount of time walking around them trying to conjure a first-hand view inside.

Hope you enjoyed the trailer tour of my Imperial Mansion. Coming next… a tour of the rest of the charming ‘campground’.

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