Do Your Thing Coffee

After years of thinking about it, it was finally time for my Marfa adventure!! A 2:30AM wake-up call, two flights, world’s worst car rental counter, and a 2.5 hour drive through the Davis mountains punctuated with a border control checkpoint….I was in Marfa!

Two protein bars in 12 hours was not cutting it. I needed food and coffee, stat. First stop, Do Your Thing Coffee which is in “the lumberyard” (I’m still not sure what that is). All I know is I’d read about their toast at length in advance of this trip.

Black and white ‘Do Your Thing’ wall inside of the lumberyard.

The inside of the shop is VERY simple, but charming, like your grandparents’ attic?

I’d read about the long lines in this place, but two visits proved otherwise.

On visit one, I had a charcoal activated latte that I added espresso to (there was none) and also subbed almond milk. This $8 creation was setting quite a tone for the trip…maybe I couldn’t afford to eat and drink in Marfa.

The avo toast made me forget about the cost of this simple lunch. Thick, sweet sourdough they’re known for, avo, tahini, a glug of olive oil and seeds n’ thangs….this was SO good. The reviews were REAL.

The next day I returned for another (much cheaper) coffee and opted for cold brew which they did not have. The barista made me an iced Americano instead and it blew my mind and made my morning. Then, I tried the ‘everything toast’ which was the same dope ass sourdough, cream cheese, a really thick, really fresh tomato, and everything seasoning. This was good…. but had nothing on the avo toast.

Come to here! I visited Marfa during a time when apparently not a lot of tourists do, that’s Jan-March. That means not everything you read about is open, but Do Your Thing is! So, do your thing and get to here.

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