The Line Austin

Macaron Trio: Cool vibe. Large room that was a little weird. Good location if staying downtown, but maybe not the best with all the other Austin options.

The Line Austin is a newly opened crash pad at the corner of South Congress and Cesar Chavez. The location makes a great launching point into downtown or South Congress – so much is walkable from this intersection on the river. The hotel itself is a geometry teacher’s dream.

The lobby offered plenty of fun seating arrangements underneath bullet shaped planters. Perfect for Texas?

My personal favorite part of the whole set up was the most surprizing – the beautiful pool scene right on the river. Even though it was January, it was still perfect to sit outside with a glass of white and enjoy the gorgeous skies and sunshine.

I mean… this day!

Also in the lobby is an outpost of Stumptown coffee roasters. The coffee is very acidic and not great in my personal opinion. I was relieved to hear other patrons saying similar things. Steer clear of the cold brew (if you drink it black) it is SO gross and a huge waste of $6.

Down the other lobby corridor is a fun diner/bar called “Dean’s One Trick Pony.” While, I didn’t get a chance to test drive its wares, I did enjoy the sign for three days.

The hotel hallways were very trendy. Maybe a little Adams’ Family with floating lamps throughout.

The room was a bright juxtaposition to the dark hallways. Full of floor-to-ceiling natural light, there was also a very festive bird-cage dimmer lamp in the corner.

Bizarre styling for sure.

The bed had an intricate wooden headboard that looked cool as well as complimentary palo santo sticks. This was a little confusing because the inner hippie in me thinks they are meant to be burned? Maybe these are just tiny decorative logs, but I really wanted to set them on fire which is generally frowned upon in a hotel room.

Hipster chic tablescape.

Some random objets in the room.

Breakfast menu killed it.

View from the river view king room.

The bathroom excelled in counter space – something I always relish in a hotel age where pedestool sinks seem to be chic.

Large format toiletries are always handy when staying for a long weekend. I just couldn’t figure out why every single bubble had a different scent. My skin smelled like a perfume factory.

The Line Austin is just the third member of this small group of hotels. It was so cool that any cooler would have been downright odd. I might stay here again if I could catch it on a deal or the summertime was popping and I could enjoy that gorgeous pool!


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