The last night in Austin was spent in Geraldine’s in the Kimpton hotel in Austin. The restaurant vibe was…fine… but the bar was weird as hellllll. What should have been a nice restaurant bar, was like 4-5 deep with everyone staying at the hotel. So strange, but made for a wild vibe!

The wine was phenomenal. Highly recommend scooping this up if you find it.

The shrimp hushpuppies were the most flavorful (and spicy) I’d ever had. Love them.

Here’s what a Texas quail looks like. It was…fine. Don’t bother.

The octopus (my all time fav) had a lot of hope, but was a wee bit rubbery. Maybe order this if it isn’t terribly busy. Didn’t love this on a slammed Saturday night.

Finally, there was the filet with chimmichurri and purple potatoes. Delicious!

All in all, Geraldine’s was alright. I’d try it again on a slower evening. Standouts were hush puppies, cauliflower, and filet mignon. The vibe was busy and cold. Don’t come for romance.


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