Midnight Cowboy

On a rainy Saturday night in Austin, I was told there was a surprize “activity” awaiting me. It was then conveyed that the activity was a mixology class. Maybe… So fun!

It wasn’t a class at all, but a trip to the Midnight Cowboy, an absolutely stupdendous speakeasy. (And best bar name ever). To be all dressed up for a nice night on the town and come this busted entrance made me giddy for some reason. You ring a Mr. Craddock…

Mr. Craddock answer, but a spritely, energetic bartendress who ushers you into a small, dark room full of passports. Heaven!

I just loved that we were going to imbibe some high-quality cocktails and it looked like the ceiling could cave in at any moment.

The Passport given upon entrance has a themed drink for many countries and regions. I started in Burotu while my partner opted for Spain. His was a blue chalice of goodness that  was topped with a foam (“sea” what they did there?) and a black garlic sprinkle. It was an odd one and grew on you as the flavors of the sea mixed.

My cup of colorful crushed ice (and tiny skull) was a refreshing mix of tequila, mezcal, passionfruit, and rhubarb. Delightful.

For round 2, my partner opted for something out of the Amazon. It arrived in a box full of smoke and was a super weird concoction of all the things. That salt rim you see? It’s ants.

My second drink was so exciting because it was served in the same planter that I have in my office! Totally delightful, this one was Swedish and a fun mix of Acquavit (Guess the Dane, anyone?) and peaches. Incredible!

Needless to say, go to here in Austin! Definitely you will need a reservation as there are about a dozen tables in the place. They’ll also time your reservation, so beware and don’t ogle the menu too long, just spin the globe and pick a country!


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