Arlo Grey

The first night in Austin was dinner at the ever-so-chic hotel, The Line. Oh yeah. And I stayed there- review coming soon.

The restaurant is called Arlo Grey which sounds like a Southern baby name, but is really the concept of top chef winner, Kristen Kish.

How chic is the signage?

This was the clear heavy hitter table in the spot and I was obsessed with it. Trump gold be damned, I’m ready for this as a dining room.

This is were the actual dining room place, a cozy sofa booth.

The resto seemed a bit all over the place in terms of style, but it kinda worked.

We about taste tested the whole menu, which was overwhelmingly wonderful. An Amberjack like crush to start. So many cucumbers hidden in there!

Then, buratta with grilled radicchio. Standard, but good.

Followed by the most incredible FRiED pork buns. Pillowly bao bums be damned, this was another level.

Then, cleverly disguised as a salad was crispy crab rice. The standout for me.

Followed by rabbit gnocchi. No one in the party had ever had rabbit and ended up really enjoying this.

And ending in a short rib which I think was good (ok it was good), but I was so full, I couldn’t really process more than a bite.

Dessert on the other hand, was terrible! A lime sorbet with some coconut concoction on top. It had the fake flavor of a bad Hawaiian shaved ice and I couldn’t stomach more than a bite. Everyone hated it and we still got charged for it. Ah well.

Be sure to hit Arlo Grey in Austin for delicious food. Just skip anything sweet. Dessert and cocktails both erred heavily to far too sweet and no one has time for that after some truly delectable Asian inspired small plates.


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