Perla’s Austin

Howdy partners! After a very long few days in San Antonio and then a sort of long, sort of…. storied Mega Bus ride to Austin, I decided I deserved the loveliest of lunches. Perla’s on South Congress, it had to be. Doesn’t hurt that it’s next door to one of my favorite boutiques, By George. Would there be a wine-fueled purchase in my future? Only George knows.

So the vibe of Perla’s is this amazing patio under these gorgeous drapey trees decked out in fairy lights. Clearly I couldn’t take a snap since it was adorned with dozens of cool, beautiful people, and their even more well-dressed children. This table by the bathroom will have to convey the vibe instead.

Of course there would be rose in the divine 60 degree weather. There would also be complimentary hush puppies, which is never bad.

I had the little gem salad which was just the loveliest, freshest, crunchiest, pepperiest bite after bite.

Then, I had the octopus and patatas bravas which are two of my favorites and snuggled onto one plate. Meow.

Perla’s cannot be missed. GO TO THERE. Be sure to sit outside and soak in how truly charming Austin can be.

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  1. gregandbirds says:

    I have always wanted to visit Austin! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip. Hush puppies and wine sound fantastic.


    1. And they were! You would defo love Austin.



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