Biga on the Banks

After touring a number of event spaces and restaurants for a couple events I was planning in San Antonio, all roads pointed to Biga on the Banks.

My colleague and I loved the space, vibe, and planner. We decided it was in everyone’s best interest if we had a nice dinner.

First up, we tried two starters that I would have never selected on my own or if they were not on the party menu.

Smoked salmon nachos…. the perfect bite of salty, sweet from a balsamic reduction, and just the right amount of smokiness from a dab of salmon. Plus, the whole thing was rather festive in a Dorito-sequel shade of orange.

My colleague was also dead set on trying lamb corn dogs. They were a tasty blend of lamb sausage enrobed in a flaky crust and served with a trio of fairly standard sauces. Would I order this one again? No, but it was good.

For a main, my companion had a huge duck dish that I got a bite of, but I definitely won dinner. Perfectly seared sushi grade salmon on a bed of Moroccan couscous with broccoli, sweet potato, and kohlrabi. I could had licked the plate clean.

For dessert we tried the Italian cream cake (pictured) because it’s a personal favorite. It was fine, maybe a bit dry. My mom wins this one. We also had their signature sticky toffee pudding that the English chef is known for- it did not disappoint! One of those things that is so tasty, you dive in and fail to take a photo. Get that.

I cannot wait to return to Biga when I’m back in San Antonio later this year. Will we host events there? Stay tuned….


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