La Panaderia

Never much for boring hotel grub, I opted to seek out some local flavor, starting with brekky at La Panaderia in San Antonio. I’d read their menu online and had pre-selected an egg white avocado combo that sounded delightful. I didn’t realize I’d have to have the self control to walk past a wall of breads and pastries in order to eat egg whites!

That’s right, this says tequila croissants.

Not pictured: an absolutely delicious cold brew. Absolutely delightful service.

Pictured: a really glorified avocado toast! Buried under an avocado the size of my head was two pieces of bread, turkey(?!), a mound of egg whites, some greens, bacon, and tomatoes. Also, it randomly came with a small soup…at 7am!

Needless to say I didn’t finish it all, but I can’t wait to order it again. So good and fresh.


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