Le Sâotico

Our last night in Paris, we had dinner with my girlfriend and her mum at a restaurant conveniently located down the street from our hotel in the 2nd arr. My friend is gluten free and found the joint on some gluten free angel app that she has. After making the reservation, I followed them on IG and saw that we had missed Star Jones by just a few days! If it was good enough for Star, it was good enough for me!

And man, was it good! The restaurant operates on a three course menu plan for 50 euros.

I started with a simple green salad that came along with some phyllo wrapped shrimp. The whole bit was infused with Indian flavors and was just delicious.

For my main, I went with scallops. Again, delightful!

And for dessert, a burned caramel mousse.

For a nice night out that wasn’t outlandishly expansive and was absolutely, delish, Le Sâotico hits the spot.


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