Hôtel Saint-Marc, Paris

Macaron Quartet: Incredible, over-the-top service during a very stressful trip. Cool vibe and design.

Do your hotel requirements include a velvet furniture playground, highly-lacquered honor bar, vast breakfast options, Art Deco accents, and a location in a quiet are of a city in turmoil? Then, let me introduce you to the charming, Hôtel Saint-Marc in the second arrondissement.

Green Velvet: The breakfast room was simple, but still instagramable.

Teal Velvet: a quiet corner to take a breather and look into the courtyard.

Orange Velvet: Retro-chic living room to enjoy a tipple.

Yellow Lacquer: A highlighter swoop of an honor bar.

Colorful rattan: more likely found in Baja, makes the hidden courtyard that more delightful.

The birds’ eye view from our room.

Beachy hallways: Are we in Miami or Paris?

A retro corner of our room with more velvet details.

Le Boudoir, top floor. Graciously granted to us in order to avoid the construction noises of across the street.

Funky detail.

Meanwhile, across the room…another sleeping nook or great place for luggage.

A sweet greeting.

The best part of the whole room- the bathroom door. (That teal one next to us is a shoe closet!)

The bathroom was more than spacious and immaculate.

Always a shout out to hotel robes and slippers chicly trimmed in black.

Toiletries by Chopard.

When you haven’t eaten all day, you must order a “snack.”

All in all, great stay! The staff was beyond kind and overly accommodating to our every request and helpful with our every predicament.

I’m struggling with my favorite city going through so much turmoil and destruction right now. Hopefully, I’ll be back again soon and another stay at the Hôtel Saint-Marc will certainly need to happen.

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