Super Model Project: Soy Glazed Porkchops

Happy 2019, lovely readers! I have NO DOUBT this will be the greatest year yet. It has to be! I’m exhausted. 🙂 I set things off on the right foot by cooking pork for new years with the intention of taking it’s good luck to heart. I don’t normally make pork…ever…but, I was pulling out all the stops I could for the ultimate new year.

Now, this pic isn’t pretty, but they were tasty! Actually, the worst photos are probably the best recipes, because if they are embarrassing enough to share on the interwebs, then you can assure the recipe is THAT good. So there. They took about 7 minutes to cook and the marinade is a breeze. Chrissy’s new cookbook is full of great shortcuts. She’s exhausted too.

Full disclaimer that her recipe also includes grilling veggies and dunking them in this soy butter concoction. While, I did try this with some onions, it seems totally unnecessary (and fatty) so leaving that bit to the Super Models who can afford this step.

So Chrissy’s looks a little better….. (credit: Cravings 2).

Soy Glazed Porkchops

  • 3-4 4oz pork chops (bone-in)
  • 3 T. soy sauce
  • 1 T. canola oil
  • 1 T. brown sugar
  • Salt & pepper
  • 3 cloves of garlic, sliced
  1. Combine all ingredients in a Ziploc bag. Marinade for 15 minutes – whenever.
  2. Remove from refrigerator half an hour before grilling to allow to come to room temp.
  3. Heat another tablespoon of oil over medium-high heat in a cast iron skillet or grill pan.
  4. Cook until just done, 2-3 minutes per side.

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