Sagamore Hill

On my last night in Portland, I hit the art museum for their free, late hours and then found THE coolest bar for a pre-dinner tipple. It was a Roosevelt themed bar called Sagamore Hill.  Forget any other mixo bars in Portland. If you are going to one, make this it. (Trust me. I tried them all on my new friends bar crawl).

The menu was seriously incredible. First off, every drink sounded delightful. Secondly, the names were hysterical – Dark and Stormy Daniels, The “45”. Hilarious.

I started my Sagamore Hill journey with a ‘Poplar Forest’ which is a concoction of Hendricks, citrus, cucumber, and GREEN TABASCO. OMG, it was so good. And the barman/owner chap made it to my taste, which was of course, as spicy as possible.

After surveying the other bar patrons nearby, the conclusion was that a Hannibal Hamlin would be a solid second choice with gin and yellow Chartreuse. How can those two things can ever go wrong? It was also fantastic, but it was definitely time for some food!


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