Eventide Oyster Co.

Eventide is touted as one of those Portland “must-eats” by everything you read and anyone you may speak with, near or far. After some time in Copenhagen this summer where acclaimed restaurants failed to deliver on repeat. Maybe it was just the pricing, but the Danish experience made me a tad skeptical of major magazine reviews. Portland though! What! So far, everything delivered, ESPECIALLY, Eventide Oyster Co.

Rolling in at noon on a Friday, I thought for certain, I’d be ousted to some long wait list. However, rolling solo seems to often provide the benefit of that last stool at the bar, as it did here. And how cute was this view?

I sat between a nice couple from Pittsburgh and a tub o’ oysters taunting my ever-growling stomach.

When in Rome, you have to sip something bubbly. I opted for a glass of cava (maybe two). My peeky-toed crab roll came out first. This was an aggressive amount of crab!

Of course, there were oysters! I asked the lovely bar lady for a recommendation of half a dozen smalls. She selected a local Winter Point and a to the north trio of Pink Moons which were divine.

Did I need to try one more small plate? No. I could have stopped here. But, have you ever heard of a scallop waffle? Thought not. The scallops are emulsified, somehow turned into a waffle and topped with seaweed. So, different. Quite tasty, but wish I had a partner-in-crime on this one.

Would I return? Absolutely! I realize I’ve said that about every Portland experience so far…but, it’s all true! Especially, for Eventide.


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