Vena’s Fizz House

A real gem of a bar (and great place to wait for your table at Fore Street) is Vena’s Fizz House. Fabo name, to boot, non? Vena’s started as fizzy soda shop and just a few years ago decided to spike it up. Their mocktail menu is quite extensive if that is your thing. Or add booze. Or add booze and CBD oil. Their spectrum is aggressive.

Not all dranks, the charming shop in the front of the space has quite the array of local bitters.

Vena’s sells its own drink infusions as well. Throw in some hot booze, chill, and you’ve got yourself a mixo quality cocktail at home.

I had just a tipple and while many things were sort of jumping out at me, not one clear winner emerged, so I let the bar lady choose. Her selection was the Silk Road which was a vodka drink of peppercorn vodka, saffron(!), lime, and bitters. Surprisingly delicious, but one would be just fine.

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  1. gregandbirds says:

    All of these look great! Wish J and I had been more aware of the food and drank scene at the time when we visited Portland.


  2. Now you have an excuse to go back!



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