Portland Baking

By the time I returned home from Maine, my stomach HURT. Like I’m getting to old to consume calories like this/pop me with a pin. I felt terrible and started Whole 30 the following Monday. This was AFTER my bakery sampling rampage in Portland. But, I don’t work out on vacation just like I wouldn’t skip sampling the area’s finest wares. So I made sure to do both on this trip as always.

First, up Holy Donut. Why not Whole-y Donut? Not sure. Anyway, I don’t really care about donuts, but this came up on about every travel guide for Portland known to man, so here we are.

A donut made from mashed potatoes was basically a vegetable, right? The chap taking my order recommended the Maine apple as my taste of what’s up with this donut shop. Happy to say, this was well worth the $3-ish. Cakey, but not dry, apple-fritter-esque, but not greasy. This was a heavy treat, but I am glad I tried. This is a must for donut lovers, and just a once is a enough for me.

What fell right into my lap as breadcrumbs from Fore Street, and was a quick recommendation on everyone’s lips that I spoke to – Standard Baking. Their bread that they make just for Fore Street (Pain Francaise) was seriously nothing short of orgasmic. Served with simple whipped butter that had the perfect amount of salt…well, let’s just say I didn’t stuff the bread basket into my purse for later, but I wanted to. Nom. I had to visit the bakery in person to see what other trouble I could find. How cute is this?

I was hoping for a fun dessert that I could eat in bed while watching Real Housewives or the like – a true vacation treat. But their specialties were bread, bread, and bread. I left with a sampling of croissant species – plain, prosciutto and Gruyère, and almond. I took them back to my Air BnB, and ripped off chunks of them throughout the weekend.

A glutton for gluttony – Portland, you did me in! Your carb scene is so solid that I threw in the towel. I’d have no qualms recommending anything you do, particularly Standard Baking. I mean, they even made me bring home a dozen English muffins for my freezer.


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