Earth at Hidden Pond

For my only meal in Kennebunkport, I just HAD to try Earth at Hidden Pond which came highly recommend by about everyone.  Earth touts itself as “farm to fork” and grows many a plant on site – I can attest, as I walked by many during my grounds stroll. The food was fresh and creative. The restaurant vibe was cozy, upscale cabin. Perfect for jeans and a cozy sweater… there would be pasta!

How quaint is the entrance?

Absolutely loved the juxtaposition of these light fixtures that gave quite a romantic vibe.

On to the real event – the food! I started with their simple farm salad which was all grown on site. It was refreshingly fresh in the chilly Maine evening – I was seated on a heated porch. Not pictured:  delicious bread.

For a main (in Maine), my waitress recommended the homemade rice noodles with lobster and Calabrian chiles. Very delicious, a tad oily, and a nice depth of flavor. It was nice to see lobster in this presentation rather in some typical cheesy, richer nonsense.

I passed on dessert in favor of a glass of wine to take outside and enjoy by the fire. The property was gorgeous, full of cool nooks and crannies. Seems that this romantic teepee type was ready for winter.

Now I am not exactly an outside, camping type of gal, but for some reason I was excited to sit outside by the fire pit that I’d read about online. (There are several). The one in the back of Earth was empty aside from me, probably because it was late and in the thirty degree neighborhood. But, I was by a fire! with wine! and music! My hair smelled incredible when I awoke to sunrise the next morning. Mmmm.

That’s all she wrote. Earth was a gorgeous find along a very dark road. (Don’t forget that they’ll pick you up and return you, gratis). I hope one day I’ll make it back to Kennebunkport and revisit Earth, if not get to spend a cozy night at Hidden Pond.