El Farallon

I’m just back from a long Labor Day weekend in Cabo, one of the most naturally beautiful places that I’ve yet to see. I just love that place. Wish I lived a little more centrally so that it could be my “Miami.” Ya’ know, that 2 hour flight to get away from it all for three days. For now, I’m more than happy to squeeze in the more than doubly long flights and exhaustion on either end for a few days in paradise. Work has been awful lately. Like awful, awful. My boss threatened me that I better not dare take my laptop on vacation. Okay, okay. I did not. I barely checked emails and spent three and a half glorious days relaxing at my personal favorite Thompson hotel, The Cape. I did manage to try a new restaurant this weekend and it was INCREDIBLE. Let me introduce you to El Farallon, which I’m pretty sure is just the push I need to stay at the resort where it reseides, El Pedregal.

First up, the scenery. The resort is in the middle of town and still somehow built INTO A MOUNTAIN. Here is the tunnel you drive through to reach paradise.

A dude greets you by name and walks you around this gorgeous property, starting with a peak at the pool and beach which is SO different from the tiny, rocky one at The Cape.

Just check out these rooms built into the mountain. Not pictured here, the plunge pools you can see on each of the balconies.

I meannnnnnn….. I could totally wake up to this every day.

Finally, after walking around for a while, you’re escorted to a champagne cave. The glasses are pricey, like $25-$80 a glass pricey, but worth it to sit and sweat and enjoy this view. Plus, the bubbles were not your average glass, they were definitely things you don’t see every day, which was quite fun.

After you’re done sipping and staring, you’re escorted to a fresh fish case. You select your fish and sides. Then, you’re treated to a soup, three appetizers, and dessert included with the meal. The snapper I had was $65 and I would say for all of the bits and bobs, the price was not so bad at all.

First up, a spicy citrus margarita that was mind-blowingly good. And a bit strong and made me probably annoyingly chatting and romantic, but whatever.

The meal started with a tomato based crab soup, that I didn’t love, but here it was.

The appetizers were much better. A roasted tomato salad, Amberjack skewers, and a ceviche with cactus. Each was outstanding.

The sunset from this view wasn’t quite as good as that of The Cape. Plus, you can’t see El Arco. Still, it was stunning. And just to the right were these absolutely massive rocks where the waves crashed shockingly high. Somehow we did not get wet, which wouldn’t have been bad in the heat. I skipped a picture since it would have included many a fellow diner and that felt kind of rude. Also not pictured electronic violinist playing Sting. I was dying. Romance level 100. Someone get engaged already.

For the main, I had the local red snapper, one prawn ($14 add-on), asparagus, and truffle mac and cheese. Everything was sublime. Somehow, the asparagus was the best I’ve ever had. It was simply grilled. I don’t understand the magic, but I took it. We sipped a Mexican white wine, because when in Rome. It wasn’t great, but I didn’t care. I was so in love with El Farallon.

If you are in Cabo, especially if you are staying near town, make this your splurge meal. The setting alone is worth the price of admission and if you are so in love, make sure to bring some jewelry, because this is going to seal your deal. Oh and bring your flat shoes, the rocky mountain paths are rustic and deadly for heels. 😉

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