The Curtains are the Sea

Hi Guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was THE MOST productive ever. I did tons of work and projects around the house. I just had so much damn energy and it was wonderful.

So, you’ve seen some similar shots before, but I just had to share my recently made over living room. I think it’s finally finished! Of course, fresh flowers would help, but maybe next week. Putting together a room that is so totally different for me was a really refreshing project. And it got me thinking how much I love my little home. For a place chosen basically because it was the first thing I saw after leaving the violent hellian of an ex boyfriend 2.5 years ago, this apartment has really been a lovely home for me. The community is great – I’ve met some of the best friends-, location can’t be beat, and the space is a little more appropriate for roommates, but it has worked into its third lease now.

Without further ado, a finished living room with only a few extra holes in the walls and some seriously weird photograph lighting.

The old couch with lots of new, colorful accessories.

Art covered walls, and restored painting from ex-POS’s fist, and my favorite orange ice bucket from Turks and Caicos.

Photos from some of my favorite places, trips, and memories.

I was nervous about such a crazy rug – I’m a very neutral person usually – but I just love it.

This is my beach corner and my curtains are the sea.

Back for nearly nine months, I framed some of the favorite photos that I took in Indonesia. Below, a memeto from the Copenhagen Jazz festival this summer, and a design-y vase purchased in Stockholm. This might be my favorite three square feet in my apartment.

Swing on by, I’ll give you a tour! xx


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