La Banchina

Sunday morning, a three mile walk in the sunshine to the acclaimed by every website, La Banchina. I was far too dressed for this hole-in-the-wall swimming hole, but enjoyed my time anyway. Let’s explore, shall we?

Loved this sign.

The peek-through to the canal from the land looked a little something like this. I’d wished I’d come in swimmers with a friend or two who liked to drink in the morning. Also, to note:  wine bottle security system in the window.

Right? Can’t you see me lounging on the dock with an Aperol Spritz? I can.

As you don’t bring sand to the beach, you don’t bring wood to La Banchina.

Mostly because of the adorable tiny sauna. Also, because, Danish dudes who probably have fun boats.

I didn’t nearly spend enough time here, but I felt out of place solo. It had a great vibe, like the weirdest, most casual, most Danish day beach club. Anyone want to return with me?


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