Baest was a Beast. A beast of a pizza institution in Copenhagen. They have their own organic farm. They make their own cheese. They have a Relae chef affiliation. Setting the bar quite high, but after coming off of Pizzeria Giro, the bar was sky high.

The restaurant had a cool, casual vibe. I was seated next to a couple of date nights and a table of very loud Australians – side note, everyone in Copenhagen seemed to be Australian. Are these the only people would could find Copenhagen a bargain? Probably.

Anyway, I should have kept it simple and just ordered a plain pie as with Pizzeria Giro. But, who likes simple all the time? It was Friday night, my first night in town, and I was starving off of a delayed flight post dodgy airport salad. The tasting menu for one it would be! Plus, a pizza resto tasting menu!?! So fun.

I started with the house cocktail – a Spritzino – which was something like a boozy, bubbly, adult apple juice. Ten points here. I loved it.

The tasting menu came with a couple green bits, charcuterie, mozzarella, straciatella, and two slices of whatever pizza they had lying around. The first course was simple and delicious. Housemade mozzerella, green salad with cheese and egg gremolata, a bowl of house made pickles, and a very heavy bread to balance out the health.

Close up of the cheese. It looks like butter, but it was really very lovely mozzarella. I told the waiter I’d like to try whatever wine he recommend most and he brought me a glass of orange. I’ve yet to see that in the states, but it was everywhere in Europe.

Next up charcuterie for one. They promised this was the pared down version, but I really needed a friend for this. Pork rillette, salami, ham, kidney sausage, and bresola.

Then, there was this bowl of green sauced new potatoes. The Danes love their potatoes and seemed to quite happy it was harvest season. I kept running into new, little, baby potatoes as a delicacy.  Big fan of these.

Totally don’t remember what this was, but the black bits are olives so I’m sure it wasn’t my favorite.

The pizzas came based on what other tables were doing tastings, so basically you are eating someone else’s leftovers. I didn’t love this anxiety-inducing pizza roulette, but I made out OK. They made the mistake of starting me with a lukewarm piece of something margherita-esque. It did not come close to living up to Giro, sorry guys.

The final pieces was something green and sausage-y. Again, maybe this was the pizza du jour, I can’t recall, but I was bummed I didn’t eat at Giro a few more times in Stockholm.

All in all, Baest was a pretty fun experience. I love tasting everything, so the bits and bobs of their whole appetizer menu was perfect for me. I would definitely return to Baest, but if I did, I’d skip the pricey tasting menu and just try a pie – hopefully it would be hot. Or, I’d come back with friends and repeat the tasting menu. I’d just make sure there were enough folks to try our own pie or two.


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