One of my favorite things to do is to get lost exploring new cities. Not like, lost lost. More like in the whimsical, stroll around the town and bump into charming things way. My first full day in Stockholm, I did just that, visiting museums, shops, and logging twelve miles on foot…all while skipping lunch. (Those brekky pastries are HEAVY).

Wouldn’t you get lost too, if it looked just like this?

I had to soak it all in by stopping at one of the many waterfront cafes. The cozy feeling of wearing a coat in the summer and sitting on the water with a borrowed (and no doubt very clean) cafe blanket is just something we don’t get in the US. Or at least I haven’t yet. I loved it. Just as I loved these wild strawberries for sale by the cupful. Gorgeous.

Aperol spritz. Some boats. Tons of tourists. And even more Swedes kitted up in their jerseys for the World Cup match.

Post sprtiz, I realized it was about 3PM and I was STARVING. It would be the perfect time to test drive the national mascot, Swedish meatballs. Having done lots of Stockholm research, pre-trip, I’d read that Operabaren, “Opera Bar” next to the “Opera House” had the best balls. Of course I went straight there and was greeted with a stunning brick red church across the street. A lovely site to gaze upon while dining al fresco and al blanket.

Ordering was super simple since I knew what I was here for. The bread basket of delights, less so. I tried a few – these people LOVE a damn basket. (So I love them).

Disclaimer:  I had not previously had Swedish meatballs. At IKEA or otherwise. So this pile of tiny balls in a foaming orange sauce felt VERY exciting. How does it foam??

I thought I would have a couple of balls on a small blob of mashed potatoes, but instead, I received this gorgeous spread – balls, potatoes, pickled cucumbers, and lignonberries. It was unbelievably delicious and I ate all of it.

Swedish meatballs are a great souvenir and will definitely be on the rotation this fall. Does anyone have a great recipe?


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  1. gregandbirds says:

    That looks great!! Want.

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