Miss Clara

After a long weekend with the parents, I was ready for the first part of my solo adventure – four days in Stockholm at the Miss Clara hotel. Both the city and the hotel came with killer recommendations and I was quite anxious to experience both. Although I was actually quite sick, I did manage a glass of prosecco to celebrate at the airport. (Something had to wash away the dreadful British cough syrup flavors).

A quick flight from Gatwick, the Stockholm airport and customs were super efficient, just as was the express train from the airport. An easy commute, my luck continued when I was able to check into my room on the top floor (floor seven) just upon arrival.

Miss Clara is a former all girls’ school converted into a design-y hotel with a nod to its history. This could have gone creepy or cool, and I’m lucky that it trended to the latter.

My room was long and narrow, though quite large my Euro standards, and featured this gorgeous wall of working windows that you’d never find in the US. I kept them open most of the time, especially at night, as the city was quite hot during my visit. Although one instance, I forgot to close a window all day, walked in, and freaked out because I thought birds had come in (they hadn’t).

The windows were also spectacular as they provided a glimpse of the never ending twilight and early wake-up call with the sun around 4AM. The sun “sets” around 11:30PM, but never really got darker than this. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The bed was a double, though on the small side of that general term. It was just fine for one lady, but the pillow game did not work for a sick chick. Housekeeping was quite kind to bring me extras and changed my sheets to boot. They were down to shake my sickness even if I was more, “let’s walk 12 miles and bar hop along the water.”

I’m not sure I would have studied if this was my view!

Here’s a close-up view from my wall of windows.

The bathroom was a funky gym-like door into a small room. The curtains pulled back in case you wanted to look out of the windows while you showered. So handy.

The bathroom was small, but perfect for one. The toiletries were Byredo!! That’s something I’ve not seen before and I was crushed that I couldn’t steal them all because my travels would continue after Stockholm.

Finally, in lieu of a closet were just a couple hooks on the wall. It felt very minimal and Swedish. I read complaints of this online, and it just made me laugh. If this is what you are whining about, look out your wall of windows.

Next up, we’ll explore Miss Clara’s greatest arse inflating asset – Giro’s Pizza!


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