Miss Clara Cooks for Giro

Miss Clara was a wonderful lady to sleep with, but did I mention that she also cooks? And this charming terrace is where she serves you. That’s right, a real Renaissance woman. Apparently, the broad also packs picnics which was just too adorable for a single lady like myself to even attempt to take in…so I didn’t.

I managed a lovely terrace dinner one evening that required vegetables in my diet. The people watching was fantastic (I swear, the above photo was taken during a weird time). The patio was packed with beautiful people smoking and drinking wine. Loved it. I had this big ol’ glass of rose and of course a bread basket, because they dole these out to tourists so that they stay chubby and don’t steal the supermodel male population – at least that’s what my server alluded to. Rye crackers and whipped butter, I ain’t mad atcha.

The Greek salad with avocado and couscous featured even more crackers, further testament to my theory above.

If you were feeling just a bit too healthy noshing on a green thing, there’s always the insanely wonderful Pizzeria Giro also in the hotel. This place blew my mind so hard I had to come twice. (So did everyone else). Seriously, it was SO GOOD. A pizza this life-altering has not been had since Naples a full decade ago. I was all excited for some veggie-centric or proscuitto-clad pie, but I just stuck with this gorgeous Margherita San Marzano. The first evening, I ate the entire pizza, then debated if I could order a second to my room (room service does this). I also contemplated, wouldn’t it be so smooth if I just kept a pizza on the backburner for my return from a boozy night of hip hop concert for one.

Considered. I’m not that mad to just keep pizzas in my room for the room birds to find, but I did visit Giro twice. Ate this exact same meal, twice and was quite happy, twice. If you find something nice, you must do it twice!

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